Sommercampus English pages

The Sommercampus organizers encourage international students to participate in the this year's summer school. On this page we summarize all the important information from the German Wiki pages...

What is the Sommercampus ?

The Sommercampus is a two week summer school at the University of Freiburg. Our aim is to provide courses, seminars and talks covering practical aspects and "hands on experience" of computer science topics and related areas. We especially focus on aspects which are not covered by the usual curriculum such as programing languages, server administration, open source projects, security ...

The Sommercampus is organized by the students and staff. Everyone is invited to join the organizing committee and to offer courses.

Are the courses given in English ?

Well, this depends on YOU :-)

Dates and News

How can I participate ?

Everyone is more than welcome to join the organizing committee, to offer courses, to take courses or to just "hang" around the campus an get the spirit :-)


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